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Year 1 learn about how hearing dogs help deaf people

Year 1 learn about how hearing dogs help deaf people

Well what a week Year 1 have had! The week started off with a visit from the Hearing Dog charity as part of their work in Science. The children met Beau the cockerpoo who is currently training to become a hearing dog for the deaf. They learnt all about how dogs, like Beau, help people and also about other dogs who are working too and the jobs they do! The children listened very carefully and asked some interesting questions. Later on in the week there was much excitement as they got to make a Christmas cake in English. The children had to identify the imperative verbs and work out which ingredients they needed to use. They worked well with their groups and were delighted with their creation! In Science the children were learning about how sound travels. They loved using the tuning fork to demonstrate this by banging it and putting it into the water to make the water spray out of the jug!

Next week is our Christmas play - we can all hardly wait!

At home please could you continue to practise your child’s lines with them. All of the children know their lines now so we would like to try and work on using expression and characterisation when saying their lines.

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