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Year 1 learn all about measuring in Maths

Year 1 learn all about measuring in Maths

This week we have loved getting the dictionaries out and learning about alphabetical order. We have ordered fruit in alphabetical order and learnt that you need to look at the second or third letter if the fruit both begin with the same letter. We have used the dictionaries to look up the meanings of words and to find new exciting words for our alliteration poems.

Maths has been all about measuring this week. We started with weighing classroom objects on the balance scales using non-standard units (cubes). We tackled some tricky time problems in maths working out what the time would be one hour earlier or later. We then moved onto capacity and had great fun comparing the capacity of containers. We then learnt to record our results.

We have been rehearsing our play in drama and starting to learn our songs in music.

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