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Year 1 learn about 'pushes and pulls' in Science

Year 1 learn about 'pushes and pulls' in Science

Year 1 started the week learning about factual texts, the children looked at information books to discover how they were laid out, they then worked in pairs to write their own information texts about dogs.

Measurement was the focus in Maths, we learnt how to tell the time for o’clock and half-past in digital time, have worked out how long a television programme lasts and will be solving time problems for homework. Time has also been spent measuring in non standard and standard units. Practical work involved measuring objects from the classroom using cubes and then progressing to using the standard unit of cm to measure the same object. Book work was then completed and the children tried really hard to be accurate.

In Topic we made factual leaflets all about different types of homes. We thought about the differences between detached, semi detached, terraced and flats.

In Science we have been focusing on ‘pushes and pulls.’ Predictions were made as to whether or not the height of the ramp would affect the distance the car would travel. A number of children realised that the reason the car was moving downwards was due to gravity.

Celebration assembly is next week. We would be pleased if you would continue to encourage your child to practise lines so that on Tuesday they speak out clearly and confidently.

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