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Year 1 learn to be 'Explorers'

Year 1 learn to be 'Explorers'

Year1bWell it is safe to say that the children have thrown themselves into all of their lessons this week and made an excellent start to the new half term! We began the week with our introductory lesson to our exciting topic ‘Explorers’. The children had to work like real explorers to help their team navigate themselves around the school in order to find their own ‘explorer packet’! All teams did this with great enthusiasm and gusto and returned back to the classroom where they had to work out from their description which explorer they had discovered. Our fun packed week then continued where the children learnt about onomatopoeias. We combined this with fireworks night and the children created their own fireworks poems. We had words such as ‘bang’, ‘fizzle’ and ‘clatter’. The children also had their first Christmas play rehearsal where we worked on staging the characters with a quick whizz through of lines!

Next week we will be going out for an ‘Explorer morning’. The children will take part in team building activities out in the local woods and will have the chance to become their favourite explorer!

At home you might like to continue to practise Christmas play lines with your child. We want to make the most of the very few rehearsals that we have and run through them smoothly so your help on this part will be greatly appreciated.

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