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Year 1 learn to partition numbers in Maths

Year 1 learn to partition numbers in Maths

We had another busy week in Year 1. In Maths we have learnt that numbers can be partitioned in different ways. We have also explored how to use a part-whole model to create an addition number sentence. We were very good at recalling all the number bonds to ten. The forest school this week has been about creativity and natural materials. We have looked at sculptures of Andy Goldsworthy who produces artwork using natural materials. We had great fun making our own creations out of sticks, fallen leaves and stones. The end of our week was truly magical. On Friday we became little Witches and Wizards. Listening to a story ‘Winnie Flies Again’ got us into the right spirit. We have enjoyed designing own brooms with special gadgets that would help our broomstick to do amazing tricks and made glasses that would let us to see the world in different colours. We hope you will try them on too!

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