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Year 1 learning all about forces in science

Year 1 learning all about forces in science

Year 1 scienceThis week the children have been working very hard on non - fiction texts in their English lessons. In particular we were learning to define ‘facts’ and ‘opinions’ and include these in our own fact - files that we created! Some of the opinions generated were very interesting from ‘School is so much fun’ to ‘Lychees are the most disgusting fruit, pomegranate after!’ In maths we have moved on to measurement where we have been learning to tell the time and also calculate time intervals. The children have been using small class clocks to find out how much time went by between activities and also set the clocks to various timings! In science, the children continued their work on ‘Pushes and Pulls’ and conducted an exciting experiment where they investigated which vehicle would travel the furthest down a ramp. They are becoming very confident at recording their predictions and writing their own conclusions which meant that we had some excellent ideas. We even managed to squeeze in time for a Celebration Assembly practise where the children worked very hard at their acting and voice control!

Next week we will be using thesauruses to find more adventurous adjectives to enhance and improve our writing! We will be trying to use these in our daily conversations too!

At home you might like to practise your child’s Celebration Assembly lines so that they can say them confidently in a loud and clear voice.

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