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Year 1 make cup telephones in Science

Year 1 make cup telephones in Science

paper cupsScience was our focus for writing this week and we started by making cup telephones! We had to make holes in the cups and learn to tie knots in the string. The classroom was buzzing with conversations and excited children. Having become experts in making the telephones we then wrote down the instructions so that someone else could make one.

We learnt that we had to use ‘imperative’ or bossy verbs to give instructions; cut, stick, tie. We also had to give the instructions in the right order, so we numbered them. Finally, we used some time conjunctions make our instructions clearer. Perhaps you would like to play a game of Simon Says using imperative verbs!

A big thank you for all your kind donations to the Hearing Dogs. We managed to fill 3 pictures of dogs with coins! We will announce the total next week so you still have time to bring in your coins if you forgot today. We are looking forward to our visit from a Hearing dog in training.

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