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Year 1 - marvellous measuring in Maths

Year 1 - marvellous measuring in Maths

In Maths the children have had a lot of fun measuring and ordering classroom objects according to their length. They successfully used non-standard units of measure (cubes, paper clips and dominoes) to estimate and measure the length of different items.

We also used our creative minds this week by making lovely autumn prints. The children enjoyed choosing their own Autumn colours to create a colourful sponge print. They then used their five senses to fill the lovely prints with some autumnal descriptions, which they later used to create their own poem.

In Topic, we have carried on looking at maps of our local area. The children used different parts of the map to create their very own collage.

Thank you for all of your kind harvest donations. The children have been busy this week decorating the food donation boxes ready for collection.

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