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Year 1 meet Mrs Ives's hens

Year 1 meet Mrs Ives's hens

What a lovely last week before half term, beautiful sunshine and a visit from Miss Ives’s hens! We had such fun finding out all about them; we learnt they eat pellets, corn and shells and that each hen lays one egg a day! The highlight was when Miss Ives lifted the golden (as yet nameless) hen and discovered she had laid an egg. This egg was very much enjoyed by Mrs Ross at breakfast the following day. The Learning Intention of course was to learn about eggs being a good source of protein and to look at the life cycle of a hen.

In Maths we revisited the halving and quartering of shapes as well as the halving and doubling of numbers. In English we have been learning all about the use of speech bubbles and speech marks. Our story of The Enormous Turnip has been great in enabling us to do this, imagining the words spoken by the old man, the old lady and the various other characters in the story. The turnip did not like being pulled, “Ouch, that hurts” wrote Harvey. Thinking of The Enormous Turnip can we please ask you to keep practising the words for our fast approaching play.

Thank you for all your help and support in this and may we wish you and your children a happy and hot half term break.

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