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Year 1 programme a bee bot

Year 1 programme a bee bot

It was so good to hear all about the varied activities the children had been up to over their half term break. Now they are back to the last part of Year 1!

Great fun has been had in Maths this week - programming a bee bot ( a small floor robot)! This involved using correct directional vocabulary to get the bee bot to travel along a street mat to different places. Accurate programming of half- or quarter-turns and left and right was imperative, as they soon found out!

In Science, the children concluded their module on plants by looking at two examples of how seeds are protected, firstly a conker. They saw how the seed covering isn’t initially prickly but covered in slightly sharp hairs which can, at this stage, bend. Then they saw (and felt) how broad beans are protected inside the pods by a soft covering, just like a blanket. Then they were onto the beginning of classification of animals, starting with vertebrates (a good new word!) The children looked at pictures of animals and sorted them into groups of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians. They then noted their distinguishing features and recorded some of these. Next week they will be making a fact file about a vertebrate of their choice.

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