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Year 1 - Questions, questions

Year 1 - Questions, questions

The children have been gripped by the traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood as we are focusing on this story for our end of term production. Interest levels were already very high before the Year 1 classes found out they were having a surprise visitor……

They were extremely excited to discover they were being visited by the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ who is now affectionately known as Wolfy! The children were able to ask questions they had prepared and we revisited how to use question marks appropriately. They were enthusiastic to ask questions to find out a little more about his life and character. Why was he always hungry? What would he have eaten if he hadn’t seen Granny? What was he doing in the deep, dark forest? This activity developed their understanding of questioning and how question marks replace a full stop. This meant they had to remember that a capital letter is needed to start the next word after a question mark.

We have had a lot of real life problems to solve in Maths which seemed to centre around food, especially ice cream! In order to practise and reinforce the children’s understanding of doubling numbers we linked it to eating food, such as I have 2 boxes of ice creams. There are 6 in each. How many ice creams do I have altogether? Do I have enough for 14 children?

The children had to read and understand the questions before working out their answers and writing a number sentence. Later on in the week, we used larger numbers to 100 to solve more Maths problems and revise mathematical language when explaining the answers.

Since our weekly visits to Mr Dyson’s farm the children have shown a real interest in how animals are classified. In Science, the children had to sort different pictures of animals according to a criteria and use scientific language such as amphibians, mammals and reptiles.

Just a few reminders for the coming weeks.

The year one dress rehearsal is on Wednesday 6 July.

The performance is on Friday 8 July at 2pm in Great Missenden Hall.

Please ensure the children know all their lines and have their costume in school by Friday 1 July.

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