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Year 1 recycle Christmas rubbish

Year 1 recycle Christmas rubbish

What a busy couple of weeks Year 1 have had! The children began the first week by talking about their Christmas holiday and favourite Christmas present. They than began their first piece of writing for 2016 and worked hard to include all the important punctuation - full stops! In Topic the children began learning about their new focus this term, ‘Recycling’. We all walked to the Recycling Centre in Great Missenden and recycled all of Mrs Kemp’s Christmas rubbish. There was lots of excitement and they all enjoyed dropping their item into bins, especially when it was a glass bottle and made a loud noise. The children talked about why food did not have its own large bin and what they could do with their leftover food. In Science the children used Venn diagrams to sort materials depending on their properties ‘bendy’, ‘hard’, ‘black’. Also, in English, the children have been creating their own scary stories. A great emphasis has been placed on using adjectives to create suspense. The children loved choosing the scariest adjectives they could find to be able to frighten their friends! This week the children tested the properties of wood, straw and brick. They worked as teams to make houses and a hair dryer was used to blow them down!

At home you might like to talk to your child about recycling. We will be moving on to talking about how we can reduce the amount of rubbish we produce and also how we can reuse things.

Next week the children will be focussing on fairytales in English and comparing these stories to other genre types. If your child has any examples of a fairytales at home that they are particularly fond of they are welcome to bring them in!

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