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Year 1 recycle their Christmas rubbish

Year 1 recycle their Christmas rubbish

We began the new year with a good clear out - recycling our Christmas rubbish. The children showed their green credentials with a wealth of relevant comments.

Theo said, “When we recycle it gets made into new things.”
Ollie B said, “Recycling is made into paper.”
Saskia said, “We use the blue bin at home for recycling.”
George said, “These bottles are made from different materials; glass, tin and plastic.”
Karam said, “Our used dirty things go in the bin.”
Rufus said, “There are lots of different coloured bins for different materials.”
Lois said, “Other people can re-use old things to make new things.”

Year 1 seem fascinated by the rubbish trucks that go past the window and can’t wait to find out about who picks up their rubbish bins from home!

At home your child might like to help you sort the recycling into the relevant bins. Please talk to them about the various materials the recycling is made from. In science we will be investigating the properties of various materials.

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