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Year 1 remind us of ways to show respect to others

Year 1 remind us of ways to show respect  to others

This has been another busy week for Year 1. In English, the children have been thinking about using imperative verbs and giving bossy instructions. Linking their ideas with the book they have been studying (‘Beegu’ by Alexis Deacon), they have written instructions to help Beegu’s parents find her.

In Science, the children have started a new module - Changing Seasons. We discussed the different seasons and some of their features. Then, we considered our favourite and why. “Spring, because my birthday is then.” (Toby) “Summer, because we can have the paddling pool and sprinkler out.” (Mariam, though lots agreed that was a great idea!) “Summer, because we can go to the beach.” (Alec) “Winter, because it is frosty.” (Oscar) “Autumn, because the leaves turn red, orange and yellow.” (James) “Spring, because there are lambs.” (Eliza) Mrs Helliwell said she liked Spring because the evenings are lighter and no dark driving home after school. Lots of the children agreed that it isn’t nice when they leave school and it’s dark. The children looked at little bits of photographs and had to look for clues to determine in which season the photos were taken. It was much harder than they anticipated. They really had to search for the clues!

It was 1KH’s assembly today and they reminded us of ways in which to show respect to others and also the environment. The children listened to a story ‘Gilbert the Goat learns respect’ and they all agreed that enthusiastic and excitable Gilbert learnt his lesson and was now respectful to all his friends..

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