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Year 1 - should Cinderella go to the ball?

Year 1 - should Cinderella go to the ball?

This week, in English, the big debate in Year 1 was whether Cinderella should go to the ball or not. We all prepared our arguments for or against, making sure we used a comma to separate each, and then sat down to have a debate. The students readily shared their arguments and were very enthusiastic. The first argument against Cinderella going to the ball was the fact that she didn't have a dress, she couldn't go to the ball in rags. Luca, from the defending team, argued that the fairy godmother used her magic to make her a beautiful ball gown so that she could go, Alex, countered the argument by saying "but the magic disappears at midnight." Toby C argued that Cinderella had too much work to do to go to a ball, but Evan felt that Cinderella deserved to go as she had been a house servant for years. Coral argued that it would be fair for her to go, but Toby W said that her sisters didn't want her to go. There were great ideas flying all over the classroom! The children came up with some excellent arguments, they showed that they could listen to each other, think on their feet and remain respectful throughout the debate. The teachers were very impressed!

Next week, we will be looking at translucent, transparent and opaque materials in Science. On Wednesday we will be taking the children for a visit to Barnardos Charity shop in Great Missenden so that they can learn about ways to reuse unwanted things!

At home, you might like to talk to your children about materials that are and are not magnetic. Ask the children to explain to you how rubbish makes its way to a landfill site and how it is stored!

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