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Year 1 - Superheroes in training

Year 1 - Superheroes in training

The immense power of Year 1 creativity has been unleashed this week as we have designed our own superheroes.

“I can see into the future!” one would exclaim, whilst wearing a heavily sequined mask, “Everyone is having dinner.”

“I am a super rhino and I will use my super horn on the naughty robbers” said another child, clearly enthused by the whole situation of non-existent robbers in the classroom.

There are many cries of turning people into rainbows or glitter balls using their super webs or icicles that they shoot from their fingers.

We used this experience to draw together WOW vocabulary to describe our superheroes.

Our Year 1’s are not only training their laser-vision but their huge brain powers simultaneously!

Watch out for our heroes coming into action, coming to a school near you soon.

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