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Year 1 take a trip to Peterley Manor Farm

Year 1 take a trip to Peterley Manor Farm

What a fabulous, fun and educational week Year 1 have had. On Tuesday we visited Peterley Manor Farm where, apart from eating delicious strawberries dipped in chocolate, we learnt that strawberries are the most popular fruit grown on the farm and also learnt the correct way to pick them. We discovered mistletoe growing on a whole row of Farmer Roger’s apple trees! If you want to know how and why this happens, ask your child. We saw many different fruits and vegetables growing, fields of flowers and we even met some fleecy alpacas; they must be hot in this weather. Thank you to Mrs Coldwell for arranging this and to Farmer Roger, his wife Jane and his daughter Pip for such a lovely morning. The week continued in this fun and learning way. For our School Cafe, we measured in millilitres to make Exotic Fruit Mocktails and in grams to make delicious fruit scones. We have priced these and spent time in Maths learning to count coins and to find the correct change. Please come along to our Year 1 Cafe where you can test our tasty treats and observe our skills whether we are taking your order, adding your bill or counting out your change.

During this busy week we been practising for Sports Day and have, of course continued to practise our lines for our end of year production. We would ask that you do the same at home, encouraging the children to think about what they are saying and to use good intonation. Thank you for your support in this.

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