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Year 1 - The importance of sport

Year 1 - The importance of sport

In Year 1 we had the best Sports Day! We all tried our best and had lots of fun.

Our PE department is the most enthusiastic and dedicated team.

Here is a little message from Miss Gallop who explains how the team motivate the children:

Here at Gateway we believe that P E and Games are so much more than just being physically active. We believe that by definition, Physical Education stands for so much more and has a vital role in the development of all children. Through our inclusive curriculum, we include many different units aimed at targeting each area of development. Below we will outline a few.

Problem Based Games: Games and scenarios that we create in which the pupils encounter problems that they need to overcome using effective teamwork, leadership and independence. Children thrive from these games and enjoy the challenge of working together to overcome a problem. Children also have the opportunity to develop their reaction to winning and losing, and how to deal with setbacks.

Object control: This unit is aimed at working on coordination and movement skills which will be useful not only in game play but also in other areas of life.

FUNdamentals: Focusing on the 7 fundamental skills: running, jumping, throwing, catching, coordination, kicking and striking. We aim to do this through fun small sided games in order to boost engagement and participation to all.

As well as the above pupils in Reception to Year 2 will cover a unit of Gymnastics, Dance, Yoga, Athletics, Netball, Football, Hockey, Tag Rugby and Striking and Fielding Games. This is all in preparation for when they enter the senior school and are given the opportunity to participate in matches against other schools.

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