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Year 1 have thoughtful conversations about TOP

Year 1 have thoughtful conversations about TOP

The children have enjoyed lots of activities and lessons based on the Take One Picture painting. The children had in depth thoughtful conversations about who they thought the characters might be in the picture, where they might come from and what they might be thinking. The children wrote speech bubbles pretending they were individuals from the painting… ‘I am a grey bird, I am sitting in my glass cage’ Oscar B; ‘I am an old man, I have a wrinkly face. My name is Bob’ Finn; ‘I am a posh lady, I am from India’ Sophie. We had a successful Science afternoon in KS1 where the children took part in different experiments to prove that air existed. We have also enjoyed watching each other's air experiments completed at home. Thank you for your help making this a success! We have been practising counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s in Maths and have enjoyed using our feet and hands to help us. In Music, the children were delighted to make soundscapes for the moon in the TOP painting.

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