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Year 1 trek to Angling Spring Woods

Year 1 trek to Angling Spring Woods

Year 1 delighted in their exploration of Angling Spring Woods. The weather was checked and we were clear to go. Rucksacks and safety equipment were packed and our trek began. It was a great opportunity to talk about how the trees are changing with the seasons; all the leaves had fallen off the lovely flame coloured tree we photographed a couple of weeks ago. This was a great real-life experience of our science curriculum. We arrived in the field next to the woods and played games to develop our teamwork and to learn the safety rules. Once in the woods we found our home tree so that we knew where to come back to. We learnt that explorers always set up camp first when they arrive at where they are going to stay. We spent time building dens and each team talked about their decisions during the building process. We enjoyed eating our rations and had a lovely surprise when Miss Ives produced hot chocolate from her rucksack. We had time for a little play before we trekked back to school for lunch. We had lovely rosy cheeks and a healthy appetite!

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