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Year 1 - Turnips, fractions and protein

Year 1 - Turnips, fractions and protein

This week, in English, Year 1 spent time exploring the story ‘The Enormous Turnip’. They drew their own story maps and successfully added adjectives and time conjunctions. We had great fun acting out the story and working as a team to remember all the different characters.

In Maths we revisited some fractions. The children looked at halves, quarters and three-quarters of a given shape and a given number of objects. The class is getting better at using a ruler to split shapes into halves and quarters.

In Topic we looked at another food group, protein. Children had the chance to work in groups to sort pictures of a hen’s life cycle. Children discussed the hen’s life cycle and the importance of having other foods that contain protein in our diet. Well done to all the children for naming all 5 food groups correctly!

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