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Year 1 use Venn diagrams to sort their recycling materials

Year 1 use Venn diagrams to sort their recycling materials

It was lovely to welcome back the children and hear all the exciting stories about their holidays. They were so enthusiastic and full of beans - and all ready to learn about new things!

We began the new year with a good clear out - recycling our Christmas rubbish. The children showed their green credentials with a wealth of relevant comments.
“Recycling means when you put all your rubbish into a bin and then it gets recycled into new things.” (Alice).
“The recycling gets made into other things.” (Elsa).
“Recycling is made into paper.” (Oliver).
“All the things are made from different materials; glass, tin and plastic.” (Toby).
“There are different coloured bins for different things.” (Eliza).
“Other people can use old things to make new things.” (Oscar).
We enjoyed sorting the rubbish into the correct materials and then taking it all to the bins in the car park in Great Missenden.

In Science this term, we are looking at materials (which lends itself very well to our recycling topic) and sorting them into Venn Diagrams according to the material and its properties. We noticed that lots of things in the classroom were made of plastic. “Plastic doesn’t break and we won’t hurt ourselves.” (Alec) Elsa also noted “The tables are made of wood because you can cut wood with a saw.”

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