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Year 1 visit Bracknell discovery centre

Year 1 visit Bracknell discovery centre

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On Friday 26th September Year 1 visited the discovery centre in Bracknell to support the work they are doing in science. Once we arrived we started off exploring the different areas. In the light and sound area we enjoyed using the 2 way mirrors and making shadow pictures. Mimi especially enjoyed being a light DJ. Upstairs in the human body and electricity area Oscar built a circuit to make a light bulb light up. It was lovely to see how determined the children were to solve all the different problems. In the power area we made air balloons and rockets fly up to the ceiling. The building and water areas were great favourites with all the children, some choosing to be architects and design a perfect house others getting involved in the building process. In the canals the children made dams and whirlpools while sailing their boats up and down. One of the main attractions was the astrodome. Building on their knowledge from their space topic in Reception, we took a journey across space looking at the different planets and stars. We took advantage of the lovely weather to eat our lunch outside and run off any extra energy on the playground. We had a super, busy day with all the children involved in questioning and developing their enquiry skills, so necessary for all their science topics.

Next week we will be learning about our environment and how we can look after it.

At home you might like to investigate different materials and find an interesting sample to bring into school next week (No bigger than A4 size.) Thank you.

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