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Year 1 visit Kew Gardens

Year 1 visit Kew Gardens

Kew 3After a week of torrential rain, our sun dances worked and we woke to super sunshine on the morning of Thursday 5th June. The children were all excited to set off on our trip to Kew Gardens.

We arrived at the impressive gates and made our way to the tree top walk. We walked through the very tops of the trees and the children scampered like squirrels and chattered like chipmunks as we found out lots of tree facts.

“Did you know that a tree’s roots are twice as wide as the tree is tall?”

After walking down the 1,008 steps to ground level we headed off cross country. We found a bear statue and suddenly we were at the barefoot walk. The bravest of us took off our shoes to see what it felt like to squelch through ankle-deep mud then tip toe over gravel. After lots of other textural treats for our feet, we arrived at the washing area and time for a well-earned snack.

Our next adventure was along the fallen tree walk. The children climbed, balanced, wriggled and jumped along the obstacles made from all the trees that fell in the park during the winter storms. It was interesting to see the many colours and textures of bark and wood from the different trees. We were all feeling rather hungry, so made our way to our lunch place which was in a tepee!

After a delicious lunch we had a few minutes to play in the playground before heading back to the coach. The children behaved beautifully throughout the day and were much admired by the other visitors. All in all we had a fantastic day out.

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