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Year 1 visit local charity shop

Year 1 visit local charity shop

The week started with some super swimming! On Monday, we made rosary beads, placing wishes, dreams and prayers on each bead as we threaded them on. It was great to hear some children wishing ‘that everyone in the world would recycle’. In English and drama we have been focusing on fairy tales, this week enjoying acting out Cinderella. The children used the present progressive tense and compound sentences for re-writing the tale in their own words. We had a trip to the local Barnardo’s charity shop in Great Missenden, the children loved donating their toys, books and clothes to the shop, hoping that someone would buy them for lots of money to help the children the charity provide for. We spoke about ‘reusing’ and not throwing away things someone else might use and like. The children were excited to see the ‘behind the scenes’ where the magic sorting of the shopping happens. The children will be eager to take their family and friends to the shop, to help support the charity. We have also planted some hyacinth bulbs, in old plastic bottles, reusing and recycling something that might otherwise have been taken to a landfill. We are excited to watch them grow and hopefully will enjoy the fresh spring smell they will emanate in our classrooms.

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