Year 1 - Wellbeing week | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 1 - Wellbeing week

Year 1 - Wellbeing week

In Year 1 we have enjoyed different activities based around the Wellbeing Week theme ‘Express yourself’. The children enjoyed creating cards which included a kind thought for others to read and these contributions will be used to create kindness card packs for us to use in class.

In English we have read and compared different versions of Little Red Riding Hood. We moved on to think about thow we would describe the different characters and what they might be saying at different points in the story. We also had fun creating wanted posters for the big bad wolf!

In Maths this week we have been working with numbers to 50! We have identified how many tens and ones are in different numbers. We then moved on to grouping objects into tens and ones to help us count the total.

We have continued to enjoy our investigations using different materials in science and this week we carried out an experiment to find out which materials sink and which float.

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