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Year 2 describe the fantasy scenes in 'Flotsam'

Year 2 describe the fantasy scenes in 'Flotsam'

There has been a lot of practical work in Maths this week as we have been furthering our understanding of capacity and weight. On Monday the warm weather enabled us to take our learning outdoors. The children estimated how many millilitres various containers would hold and which would hold the most and the least, before testing the accuracy of their estimating skills. The careful observation continued when the children were tasked with identifying objects that were heavier or lighter than 100 grams and trying to accurately weigh classroom equipment it was trickier than it looked.

In English the children’s increasing eye for detail was used to describe the fantasy scenes from our book Flotsam. The results were some incredible descriptions

The children have been excited to see the seeds we planted a fortnight ago have started to grow.

We have also planted runner beans in the classroom and are eagerly waiting to see how they grow.

As well as watching for signs of germination in their own bean, the children are testing what plants need to grow by putting one bean in the dark and another on the windowsill without water.

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