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Year 2 step back in time to the Victorian era

Year 2 step back in time to the Victorian era

This week Year 2 stepped back in time to make a trip to the seaside 100 years ago.

Our journey began as we listened to a little girl called Emily tell us about her day trip to the coast with her ‘Mama’ and ‘Governess’. To hear her excitement at riding on the steam train and experience her first ever day at the beach aged 13 really sparked our imaginations.

The Victorian seaside experience was further brought to life when in drama the children worked in groups to act out their own day at the seaside. They pushed their bathing machine into the sea; sat under parasols to protect their skin from the sun’s rays; laughed and pointed as they watched a Punch and Judy show; rode on donkeys; pushed prams along the promenade and of course built sandcastles. They each wrote a postcard about their day out remembering to write in the past tense and use appropriate language. Much to the children’s shock there wasn’t a surfboard, or pizza in sight!

In Maths we have been working on our 3 times table using number lines, arrays and repeated addition. We are finding different methods work best for each of us and have spotted that because multiplication is commutative we can choose the way which is easiest for us.

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