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Year 2 study the poem from George's Marvellous Medicine

Year 2 study the poem from George's Marvellous Medicine

This week we have introduced the children to the curious life of George from George’s Marvellous Medicine. There has been much enjoyment as we have studied the poem from the story, in which George plots to concoct a potion for his Granny. In English the children have been working together to write their own version of the poem including all manner of unusual and revolting ingredients from ‘the fluttering wing of a bat’ - Eliza, to ‘a delicious fruit topped cake’ - Oiver. We all worked hard to find ingredients that rhymed and keep our rhyming pairs at the end of each line. Our imaginations ran wild when we considered what affect the medicine may have on Granny, would she liquify? Cartwheel through the sky? Maybe even eat a carpet!

We have also been working on learning and performing the original version of this amusing poem in preparation for reciting it off by heart in the house poetry competition taking place after half term. We have been thinking about actions to enhance our performance and using a performing voice so that every word can be heard clearly.

In RE this week we shared an old Nigerian story and a Muslim story with common messages about not being greedy and only taking what you need. This inspired the children to design their own posters about food waste, some of which are now proudly displayed around the school.

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