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Year 2 use their imaginations

Year 2 use their imaginations

This week has been all about using imaginations in Year 2. We have been reading George’s Marvellous Medicine and laughing out loud at the crazy ingredients George added to Grandma’s medicine. Inspired by our reading, we decided to create our own medicines. Using ‘eyeballs’, ‘blue dragon’s blood’, ‘spider spit’ and ‘moondust’, (no animals were harmed in the making of our potions) the children measured and mixed up their concoctions. They then created instructions for how to make their Marvellous Medicines.

In maths, we have continued to focus on addition and subtraction. The children have been using their number bonds to 10 to add 2-digit and 1-digit numbers together. They have shown impressive determination this week when solving some challenging problems. Science has been all about investigating materials over the past few weeks. This week, we have been thinking about the best material to make curtains. The children planned and carried out fair investigations to find out the best choice of material, using boxes with little holes cut into them to test which materials let light through and which ones block the light.

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