Year 2 - island life | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 2 - island life

Year 2 - island life

It has been so lovely to welcome the children back after their break and hear about all the different ways they had spent their holidays. A new half term sees the start of new topics and having looked at Great Missenden and considered how it has changed over the years, the children are now studying a contrasting island locality - the Isle of Coll. We spent time considering the question ‘What is an Island?’ and identified it as ‘a piece of land with water all around it’ - Henry, it was interesting to consider that an Island can be small for example in a river or lake or possibly much larger in the sea. We also began to think about the different ways Islands can be formed, such as breaking off from a continent or through volcanic activity. After locating the Isle of Coll using atlases, the children have been studying different features of the Island and classifying them as physical or human features. Photos have shown what a beautiful place it is.

In English we have been enjoying exploring the wonderful Katie Morag series of books which are set on the Isle of Struay and inspired by the author’s life on Coll. We have been noticing that there are some similarities between the many stories about Katie Morag, not least her ability to find an adventure!

In Maths this week we have been working on our subtraction skills, using the column method to subtract a 2 digit number from another 2 digit number and counting back on a number line to find the difference between two 2 digit numbers.

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