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Year 2 - Animal diaries, denominators and deities

Year 2 - Animal diaries, denominators and deities

Well we did it, our final week of remote learning has now come to an end and what an exciting week it has been. Inspired by the ‘Diary of a Wombat’ the children used all of their creativity and imagination to write some truly wonderful diaries from the viewpoint of an Indian animal.

In Maths the children continued to explore fractions of shapes and amounts using a range of equipment and making sure that their groups were always equal. They have an increasingly good understanding of the denominator as the total number of equal groups and that a fraction with a numerator of 1 is a unit fraction and one with a numerator other than 1 is a non unit fraction. We investigated which numbers can and can not be split into quarters and whether a non unit fraction will always be greater than a unit fraction with the same denominator.

In our topic lesson this week we explored the Hindu deities and after thorough research the children used their new knowledge to create a top trump card for their chosen God or Goddesses.

On Thursday it was World Book Day and the children were all invited to attend remote learning dressed as their favourite book character. We all had great fun trying to guess each other's characters from their costumes. We hope the children enjoyed the vast array of activities provided for their independent World Book Day today and can’t wait to see them all in person on Monday!

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