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Year 2 practise their Indian dance moves

Year 2 practise their Indian dance moves

It was lovely to welcome back the children and hear all the exciting stories about their holidays. They were so enthusiastic and full of beans - and all ready to learn about new things!

The children have begun studying India this term. They started by investigating the features and the layout of the pages in a variety of non-fiction books, they were very good at spotting how different they are laid out compared to a fiction book. The children then began gathering facts about India: geographic information (location and population), types of animals, religions, food etc. They have already gathered a vast range of facts which they will incorporate into their very own information book about India. A favourite activity this week was posing questions for their friends to answer; the children chose a fact from an information book and then turned it into a question.

Year 2’s games lessons have taken an Indian twist this term, thanks to Mrs Jutla who is teaching them Indian dance. They returned from their lessons puffed and amazed at the hard work involved. Bhangra stars in the making!

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