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Year 2 build an obstacle course in Forest School

Year 2 build an obstacle course in Forest School

Year 2 have had a fun filled week! In Forest School they were set the challenge to create their own obstacle course using only the natural materials found on the school field. Year 2 began gathering sticks of all shapes and sizes, then set themselves to work. The teamwork that was observed and how they were communicating their ideas in their groups was exceptional. As you can see in the photograph, the children laid sticks on the floor to jump over, balanced them between trees to go under, as well as pushing them into the ground so they could weaved in between them. Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed participating in each others obstacles and were amazed by the variety of different techniques that were used to make it.

In Maths this week we have been looking at identifying the properties of 3D shape. We have been able to discuss how many faces, vertices and edges a shape has, as well as what 2D shape each face is. For Red Nose Day we were challenged to construct and decorate the craziest red nose from nets, and Year 2 certainly didn’t disappoint!!!

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