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Year 2 make delicious samosas

Year 2 make delicious samosas

This week to celebrate British science week, Y2 have been learning all about how far a sneeze can travel and how we can prevent others from getting ill (a great lesson for us all, as sniffles have filled our classrooms over the past few weeks). Children drew a picture of a poorly face and stuck it on to a large sheet of sugar paper - 4 metres long. This represented our sneeze zone. We then used a water sprayer to represent a ‘nose’ and saw how far the sneeze would spray without anything to stop it. Children used a red pen to put a circle around the droplets they could see. We then repeated this again, but this time we put a gloved hand in front of the ‘nose’ and changed our pen to a blue one to record any of the spray. Finally, we used a tissue to place in front of the ‘nose’ and found there was no spreading of the sneeze at all. We compared and discussed our results and concluded what the best ways are to stop sneezes spreading.

In more tasteful news, children have been exploring a range of Indian spices in topic this week. Children got to smell the spices and decide if they liked the smell or not and if they thought it was fiery, cool, sweet or savoury. We then looked at a favourite indian snack - the samosa and made our own. Each one was filled with delicious mashed potatoes, peas and garam masala. Once they were cooked, the children enjoyed then with mango chutney and raita.

Overall, it was a thumbs up from most!

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