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Year 2 children have a bubbly time in science

Year 2 children have a bubbly time in science

This past week, Year 2 have continued working hard completing their reports about their sea creature who joins the world of ‘Flotsam’. What amazing creatures they have invented, and what wonderful imaginations they have. Some live ‘deep down in the Mariana Trench sleeping in a dark cave’ (Jorge), others ‘lurk off the coast of Africa in large swamps’ (Zac C). The children thought of great ways their creatures protect themselves, varying from ‘having curved teeth which can hook into possible predators’ (Rosie) to ‘sticking its long, pointed nose right out and stabbing their prey’ (Charlotte).

We have also been enjoying solving Maths investigations working strategically and trying to record our findings logically. Lines of elephants paraded through the jungle and we investigated how many different patterns we could make if they wore different coloured jackets. Another problem involved ladybirds and their spots. The children had to find different number of spots using different combinations of ladybirds.

Science has been very bubbly this week! The children looked to see which bath gel produced the most bubbles. Some wondered if the amount of bath gel made a difference, others wondered whether it was the thickness of the gel that made the difference. They had to work co-operatively in their groups and to record how they made the test fair. After one group measured out 400ml of bath gel, we obviously needed to establish that we would need a huge amount of water to dilute it. The best part was blowing the bubbles - who realised that a very small bit of gel could make so many bubbles?!

During half term, it would be great if you could help your child find a poem about the sea, and we hope you have a lovely break together.

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