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Year 2 children have a couple of special visitors

Year 2 children have a couple of special visitors

We have had a great week! In Science, we are looking at how babies change as they grow older. The children brought in beautiful photographs of when they were babies, toddlers and 6/7 years old (thank you for finding these) and we considered how they had changed and were there any features that had stayed the same. This brought out many facts and the children were really very observant. They noticed that babies have large heads, they grow and lose teeth during this period, they learn to move and talk as well. They also enjoyed looking at the teachers’ photos, although Mrs Helliwell must be very old as hers were in black and white!

We have, in the classroom, caterpillars which are now at chrysalis stage, and we are eagerly anticipating their metamorphosis into butterflies. It is lovely watching the children’s faces as they notice the changes that have happened. Even though they know the caterpillars will change into butterflies, seeing it happen is special. Mrs Helliwell brought in some dragonfly nymph casings (her pond is full of them!) and we looked at these and noticed how fragile they were and noted the hole on the back where the dragonfly emerged. The legs still had ‘strong grippers’ to help the nymphs climb out of the water before they changed into dragonflies.

We also met Coco and Bow Bow, Jack S’s two kittens. He and his mother very kindly brought them in to show us all and Bow Bow endured many a stroke with no complaints. Coco was much more cautious and we had to respect her for that, just as we would a human. We learnt how kittens are able to survive without their mother when they are two months old and how they are really keen to explore their world.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you at our play next week - Friday 1 July at 2.45 pm; we have been busy practising it as well!

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