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Year 2 children embark on a 'journey' to India

Year 2 children embark on a 'journey' to India

Year 2 - India displayIt was lovely to welcome back the children and hear all the exciting stories about their holidays. They were so enthusiastic and full of beans - and all ready to learn about new things!

The children started straight away with science and looking at seeds. We are studying seeds and germination this term and, with tender loving care, by the end of June we are hoping to make our own soup with our own produce. The children looked at a range of seeds and saw that some are easily identified (pea, bean, sweetcorn). Many aren’t though! The children sorted them into groups according to their characteristics. Next week they will be detectives using magnifying glasses, looking at the seeds more closely and giving detailed descriptions of the seeds for others to identify.

The children also planted an amaryllis bulb and are watching with wonder at its growth. In less than a week, leaves are beginning to show!

Next week the children are off to the Mandir, where we know that there will be lots of awe and wonder. This visit will support their studies on India - this term’s topic. (Despite their inquiries, the Mandir is not in India - no field trip there!) Please may we remind you that the children cannot wear shoes once in the temple, so as suggested in our last newsletter, please may they bring a pair of slipper socks with them that day?

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