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Year 2 children have a 'bubbly' time in Science

Year 2 children have a 'bubbly' time in Science

Science has been very bubbly this week! The children looked to see which gel soap produced the most bubbles. Some wondered if the amount of gel made a difference, others wondered whether the thickness of the gel that made the difference. They had to work cooperatively in their groups and to record how they made the test fair. After one group thought about 100ml of gel was needed, we obviously had to establish that we would need a huge amount of water to dilute it. The best part was whisking the mixture to create bubbles - who realised that a very small bit of gel could make so many bubbles?!

Year 2 have been busy continuing their studies of India and finding out about the Himalayas and what it is like to climb Mount Everest. They were completely awestruck by the film they saw showing these impressive mountains and the grandeur of this area. Some budding mountaineers in the offing maybe! They have now finished their lovely booklets about this fascinating country and all have worked diligently to produce such interesting and informative pieces of work. No wonder they are proud of them.

In Maths, the children have been looking at tally marks and how useful they are, for they are so easy to draw and read. They have also considered pictograms and how these diagrams can give information. The children found however that pictograms aren’t the easiest to draw as each symbol drawn has to be identical in size! Today has been ‘Number Day’ and the children have greatly enjoyed explaining and playing their games with their friends. They certainly have a lot of imagination and took care with their efforts.

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