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Year 2 children look at lines of symmetry in plants

Year 2 children look at lines of symmetry in plants

In Year 2 this week we have been applying our knowledge of 2D shapes to identify lines of symmetry in regular and irregular shapes, as well as in nature. During Forest School we found out that many plants have several lines of symmetry, we were able to test if the object is symmetrical or not, by folding it in half to see if it fitted exactly onto itself. Also, we worked collaboratively to create symmetrical pictures with natural objects that we could find on the field.

Also this week in English, we have created lots of new ‘Gobblefunk’ words, these are made up words where you can take the beginning or end of a real word and put them together to create a new word… We think Roald Dahl himself would have been very impressed with our Year 2s new ‘Gobblefunk’ words.

As well as this, we have had great fun in Science investigating which materials are the most absorbent and ensuring we have a fair test by keeping all but one variable the same. We can’t wait to tell you what we did and show you the results in our Celebration Assembly on Monday afternoon.

Finally, after half term, Miss Hannah Walsh will be spending a few weeks at Gateway on placement for her PGCE course with The Institute of Education, UCL. She will spend the majority of her time in Year 2 with Mrs Applegate’s class, initially working with small groups. Her specialist subject is PE and she will be working with the support of the PE department to prepare her Masters Level presentation for The Institute. From time to time she will also be undertaking other tasks and observations throughout the school. Miss Walsh will be supervised by Mrs Applegate and Mrs Goodchild during her placement.

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