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Year 2 children make lovely pecking robins

Year 2 children make lovely pecking robins

This week in Year 2 the children have been learning to follow and write instructions. They started by describing a picture for the partner to draw and had to choose their instructions carefully to make them precise. They then made a pecking robin and wrote their own instructions so that someone else could make one. They enjoyed using imperative, or ‘bossy’ verbs to tell people what to do and had to add detail to make sure their instructions were clear. We are looking forward to doing some more making and cooking next week.

In science the children have been learning about how materials can change shape and have been using scientific vocabulary to describe this; bend, squash, stretch and twist. Mrs Applegate set them the challenge to disprove her theory that purple tights were the most stretchy. We had lots of ideas about how we could find the stretchiest pair and had to measure the stretch carefully in cm to compare. They all managed to prove Mrs Applegate was wrong!

To extend their learning you could ask the children to follow some instructions at home, they could follow a recipe or make some Christmas decorations.

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