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Year 2 continue their exploration of India

Year 2 continue their exploration of India

This week in Year 2 the children have been enjoying finding out more about India and beginning to write their own information book to share what they have found out. This week we have been learning about the climate in India and enjoyed looking up the weather forecast for different parts of the country, they then produced a diagram to show the different climate zones in India.

In art the children have painted some beautiful Indian elephants with water colours and added lots of bright Indian patterns. They have also produced some very careful chalk drawings of the Taj Mahal, looking carefully at the shapes of the roof and that patterns on the building. In ICT they have begun to use a program called Spark Voice where they can add pictures and record their own presentation about India. So far we had fun learning to use the program by creating a ‘Show and Tell’ presentation all about ourselves which the children then shared with the class.

In Science we are looking at keeping healthy and had fun sorting food into different groups. Our challenge this week was to decide which of the pizzas I had chosen was the healthiest. This meant that the children had to recognise the different food groups and decide whether there was a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables and dairy. This provoked some interesting debates!

Next week, we will be finding out about some Hindu gods in preparation for our trip to Neasden Mandir so you might like to find a fact or story about a Hindu god to share.

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