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Year 2 create their own 3D seagulls

Year 2 create their own 3D seagulls

This week in Year 2 we have been reading and writing some poetry based on our seaside topic.

We were fascinated when we started by watching a film of birds flying and seagulls stealing sandwiches from people picnicking on the beach. We loved the bird’s eye view as the seagulls flew over cliffs and would then dive down towards the unsuspecting people below. After watching the film, we worked in groups using the thesaurus to find synonyms for the verb fly to use in our poetry. We worked in groups to write a shared poem and had some fantastic ideas; “If I had wings I would touch the the salty breeze of the wind blowing the fluffy cotton candy clouds.” We then decided to make our own 3D seagulls which we decorated to hang up around the classroom.

We have started rehearsing for our play and were thrilled that so many of the children had learnt their lines during half term and already knew exactly what they had to say and when. We are sending a note home with costumes this week so keep an eye out for this in the children’s reading folder.

At home, you might like to challenge the children to think of synonyms for any activity they are doing. They have really enjoyed adding new words to their vocabulary!Year 2

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