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Year 2 create their own 'Stick Men'

Year 2 create their own 'Stick Men'

Year 2 have enjoyed completing their final pieces of work for Take One Picture, they are extremely excited to exhibit their work for all to see and admire on the Saturday 11th March.

The children have worked really hard to write a letter to one of the Graham children describing their special items brought in from home. Isobel wrote My cute, lovely, cuddly toy called Monkey is special because I got him from my mummy when I was born, he is extra precious to me. Victor wrote I got this torch from a shop and it has been handy for me ever since and I like its light. Also, Kitty wrote My blanket is very very special to me because I sleep with it every night, the middle is very soft and I hold it when I suck my thumb to go to sleep.

In Forest School, we celebrated World Book day by focusing on the story Stick Man. We had lots of fun creating our own ‘Stick Men’ from the sticks and leaves on the field – with some of the children working hard to add extra details to the body, for example, fingers, heads and clothes. The children were all very creative and imaginative as they looked for appropriate materials and even made a ‘Stick Man House’ for them to live in.

In Maths next week, we will be focusing on fractions; to support your child you could look at portioning a slice of toast, pizza, apple into halves and quarters, discussing what fractions are left when you have eaten a piece.

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