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Year 2 create their own magical concoctions

Year 2 create their own magical concoctions

In English, Year 2 have continued thinking about George and his terrible Grandma this week. They considered all the gruesome ingredients George had found and laughed at what happened! Having considered the medicine in the story they were then they were let loose on their own ingredients (supplied by their teachers) and ideas! They had to concentrate when measuring the liquids, checking that they really were squirting in ‘10ml of nasty, stinky wombat’s wee’ (Lewis), ‘drizzling in 20ml of oozy, smelly elephant snot’ (Harriett) or sprinkling in ‘a pinch of magic dust’ (Ella). They used pipettes and scaled beakers to help with accuracy. Some then added ‘4 rabbit droppings’ (Freddie) and there were eyeballs and flies a plenty. Imaginations were whizzing! The amazing medicines are safely stored on the shelves in their classrooms with their recipes carefully recorded in their books for posterity - beware!

The children even added real worms, slugs, ladybirds and centipedes to a second ‘medicine’ they made in forest school, but don’t panic their imaginations were doing all the hard work and the utmost care was taken by the children to ensure none of our lovely minibeast friends were harmed!

In Maths, the children have been considering symmetry - how to tell if a shape is symmetrical or not, how to use a mirror to check, and how to complete symmetrical shapes. The children have also sorted shapes according to their properties, including right angles, symmetrical and quadrilaterals, placing them into Venn diagrams and working out through trial and error which shapes would tessellate.

To help your child recognise symmetry, perhaps you could be on the look-out over the holidays to see what symmetry you can find in nature.

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