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Year 2 create wonderful paper chains and festive 'rocking robins'

Year 2 create wonderful paper chains and festive 'rocking robins'

In English this week, Year 2 have been giving instructions and realising how necessary it is to be precise. To start the week, the children made paper chains and our classrooms are also now festooned with paper chains, having worked out how to make them first! They have also made festive ‘rocking robins’ and then wrote instructions to help others to ‘take a plate and make it into a fantastic pecking Christmas robin’. (Vihaan). All the children realised the importance of giving a list of materials needed first. They used very precise vocabulary eg, ‘Fold the plate in half and dab the brown paint on with your sponge’ (Kimaya). ‘Cut the red shiny Christmas paper into small squares and stick them on the tummy’ (Max). ‘Then cut out silver strips and stick them on to make a tail’ (Daniel). ‘Stick the beak at the top of the plate on the opposite side’ (Felix).

We’ve been very busy with our Christmas play as well this week and we would like to thank all parents for your support and sending in such lovely costumes.They look fit for the stage and know their lines!

Next term, we will be visiting the Mandir in Neasden as part of our topic on India. The children will need slipper socks as they can’t wear shoes in the temple so maybe these might be a good suggestion for Father Christmas!

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