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Year 2 have fun in forest school

Year 2 have fun in forest school

Year 2 have enjoyed completing their Take One Picture work this week and can’t wait to share the diaries that they have written with you on Friday or Saturday in the exhibition. They worked really hard to write in role as the animal that they had chosen and used their knowledge of the animals to make their diaries realistic.

In forest school, we had lots of fun creating our own animals out of sticks, leaves and stones - with some of the children working hard to make a 3D model of an animal. The children were all very creative and imaginative as they looked for appropriate materials and placed them carefully to make some wonderful creations.

In science we have carried on our topic of Keeping Healthy and made a healthy picnic basket for Little Red Riding Hood to take to granny. The children thought about all the different food groups we need to stay healthy. They then began to design their own healthy pizza using a variety of food groups.

At home, they children may like to add healthy toppings to a pizza for the for the family. They could use their understanding of fractions to divide the pizza into sections so that everyone had a fair share.

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