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Year 2 dabble in a bit of gardening

Year 2 dabble in a bit of gardening

Year 2 have been busy continuing their studies of India and finding out about the Himalayas and what it is like to climb Mount Everest. They were completely awestruck by the film they saw showing these impressive mountains and the grandeur of this area. Some budding mountaineers in the offing maybe!

The Year 2 ‘apprentice gardeners’ were industrious, investigating the conditions seeds and beans need to germinate - key word this week! They asked many pertinent questions and have now set up investigations to answer these. Cress (hopefully) will be growing around the classrooms if they have the right conditions. They are taking photos of their results and getting ready to report back their findings. The amaryllises are all growing and 2EH are very proud of the two stems they have - one of them grew 6mm on Monday!

Traditional tales is our new module for English and they have enjoyed looking at different fairytales, studying the language used and the settings. There are many versions of the same tale which they are comparing and analysing.

In Maths the children have been considering 3D shapes and looking at their properties. They enjoyed putting the shapes into different sets and drawing the Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams to illustrate their findings. To help your children recognise these shapes, perhaps you could go ‘3D shape hunting’ and find some items in the house. Photos of their finds would look great on our maths display walls; just email us with them please.

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