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Year 2 - Descriptive language and tallies

Year 2 - Descriptive language and tallies

The children have enjoyed adapting the fairy tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and have thought about new villains to add to their stories, such as vicious dogs, foxes and even tigers! They are setting their stories in a city and have written some wonderful descriptions using their five senses: “In the damp, brightly-lit city, there were stony skyscrapers”, “Lots of people driving their cars”, “Big houses with pointed rooftops”, “You can feel a cool breeze gliding past your face”, “A big, irritating racket”, “People running around like crackers”, “The tall, high-top buildings”, “The smells of delicious hot food”, “You could smell the creamy food cooking in the shops”, “You can taste the yummy doughnuts” and “Feel the soft air running through your fingers”.

In Topic, the children have really relished learning more about India. They have considered flooding and how devastating this can be for many people over there. They also looked at the importance of rivers in the Indian culture. Then finally, they learned the story behind Diwali and the children created their own beautiful rangoli sand-art patterns.

During the Census Day, the children looked at how technology might have changed over the past ten years and they drew a tally chart to show what technology they used during the recent lockdown. They then drew a block graph or pictogram to show their results. The children looked at the front of the school buildings and drew them. They wondered if it would change in ten years' time. The children’s work from both of these activities will be placed in the school time capsule so, in ten years’ time, people will be able to see how the school buildings and technology might have changed.

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