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Year 2 design mystical sea creatures

Year 2 design mystical sea creatures

This week in Year 2 we have been looking at non-chronological reports in English. We began by identifying the features in a report; we noticed that they have very similar features to those that we included in our information booklets about India last term. However, we learnt that a non-chronological report focuses on a single topic and includes various facts about this topic.

We began the week looking at the importance of subheadings in a report. Eddie explained that if we didn’t use subheadings we would not know what the paragraph of information is about. So, with a partner, we worked together to add our own subheadings for a report about sharks. We moved on to learning how to make notes; we highlighted key facts and phrases in a report and noticed that we do not need to write notes in full sentences, but that we must focus on the key facts.

A highlight of the week has been creating our own mystical sea creatures. We used wax crayons to colour them in, then added a thin layer of watercolour over the top to represent the sea. We have applied our newly learnt skills to make our own Top Trumps card about our sea creature. We look forward to writing our non-chronological reports next week about our sea creatures.

To support your child’s learning at home this week you could share a non-chronological report and spot the features eg title, subheadings, diagrams, paragraphs and photographs.

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